Fortunately for translators (and not only), contemporary technology has helped to simplify and speed up the process of translating.
Fortunately, everyone in modern West can possibly own his/ her own PC or gain access to one.
Of course, a PC needs the proper software in order for the user to make the most out of it.
What I have tried to do here, thus, was to create a comprehensive list of software that is potentially useful -even necessary- for
everyone. The list contains a wide range of PC programs, from translation tools to video players, etc. etc. …
Wherever possible, the program is accompanied by a link to various websites that allow users to download the programs/ applications.
To start with, here are some applications that help the computer remain “healthy” and going. After all, computers are much alike living organisms; they need ‘food’ and maintenance so as to remain alive.
Antiviruses and Firewalls:
Although there are many companies that offer protection services, most of them do charge these services. However, other companies offer FREE Versions
of their antivirus programs. I suggest the following:

COMODO Firewall

Panda Antivirus

Avira Antivirus

In relation to your computer’s healthy performance, the following tools will definitely prove really effective:

Registry Mechanic

Your Uninstaller

* I personally use these programs on a weekly basis, so as to retain my computer in good shape, given the large amount of work
carried out with it. However, these apps are not downloadable for free. Thus, if you are willing to take the risk, you may
download them through the link I have attached, i.e. through, using a torrent operator. You know you will act as a pirate so,
in this case, don’t forget to buy your own parrot…

Next, there are other necessary tools as well, that you will most probably use already, or have heard of. Nevertheless, I cannot but suppose that
not everyone is accustomed to the background functioning of a computer. Here’s an indicative list of tools and applications that every computer
ought to have installed on it before coming into use:

Daemon Tools (in order to create and manage “mirror” -i.e. factitious- CD drivers) /or Magic ISO /or Power ISO

WinRar (to compress-zip and decompres-unzip files)

Easy CD-DA Extractor (this program allows you to copy audio discs to your computer, in mp3 format)

K-Lite Codec Pack (necessary files that allow your computer to recognize and execute various audio and video file formats)

And, finally, I have included Google Sketchup, which is a program similar to corel or other professional design programs, without being
as complex and demanding though. Anyone can learn how to use it with a little practice, and to create anything that comes into his/ her mind…

Check back soon, I will make sure to update this section regularly and include any new programs that I find interesting and worth using!


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