Political Science

Aristotle defined POLITICAL SCIENCE as the study of the state, although the term was not always distinguished from political philosophy.

In its contemporary notion, political science is a recent addendum to the corpus of social sciences, aiming at the establishment of general or -more recently- specific principles underlying the world of politics.

From the grand theories of the past, political science gradually moved towards a more constructivist approach, through the introduction of and combination with other sciences, such as sociology or psychology.

Thus, contemporary scientists accept the inadequacy of one sole theory to explain every development in the world of politics, which had been the case until the 1990s.

This section of my blog is like a drop in the ocean, considering the large body of existing theories, perceptions and preferences of researchers. In this sense, I will attempt to shape it according to my personal research interests and undertakings.

Below you will find a number of translations of mine (Aggelos Zikos) in the field of political science, either from English to Greek or vice versa. Although they have different topics, authors and approaches, they all stand under the umbrella of political science and its numerous bypasses.



“Brussels Update” contains briefs in view of upcoming meetings of european institutions, as well as post-meeting reports. Nikos Chrysoloras, Crisis Observatory research associate and journalist (Brussels Correspodent), is the editor of this section.







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