The Beauty of India: 50 Amazing Photos

A collection of beautiful photos of long-suffering India that I found on <>

Heart You         Feet. Jaipur

Diwali lights         Aishwarya Rai in the making

Golden Temple before Sunrise        A Dreamer Among the Humblest

10 Interesting Places to Visit Before You Die         Smiling.Pali

A glance inside, a glimpse outside         Dark eyes. Pushkar

Prayer at the Temple         Taj Mahal, the other side. Agra

colors-of-india         Sweeping. Varanasi

India. A table          Colorful Masks

Bananiers en paix         back to India

Silent Prayer / Amritsar, India         Little Red Riding Hood

Golden Slumbers         india - gujarat

colors-of-india         sri meenakshi sundareswara temple

colors-of-india         India style

I n d i a *         colors-of-india

India         India Wedding

Tata Ace - The True India Truck!         india

l'homme de mehrangarh         India

damsel at Pushkar         India- Faces

Mosque (Agra India)         Mosque

Lal baba         Colors



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