Most of us cannot imagine of a world without photos. At the same time, most people alive today have photos of themselves as kids or somewhat later. Not any more does someone have to be wealthy and famous in order to get his statue made, or his portrait painted, so as to remain in eternity. The worker, the peasant, the scientist or the pensioner, we all now have a little place in the imaginary being called ‘history’, our few moments of glare and fame, as Andy Warhol would probably put it. Apart from its sentimental and historical value, however, photography has proven invaluable to the whole way we, humans, experience the world. Science has benefited, a whole new economic field has arisen, which maintains millions of related professions worldwide, whereas photography makes the core of numerous other fields, not least of marketing. And perhaps most importantly, photography may serve truth well, as if it were its right hand, the king’s knight bodyguard, a paladin in the name of justice. On the other hand, though, lay the perilous path to freedom and truth, where forgers await in every corner, until the time is right to use photography as a weapon, mainly against weak and helpless lover – or at least that’s what I have seen in more or less 37 Hollywood and Bollywood movies. And finally, imagine a world without photography and all notions related to it – and on the other hand, imagine having infinite time available, so as to closely examine the magnificent leap of a tiger, frame-by-frame, and try to figure out every tiny detail attached to the action, which finally team-up to create a little wonder of mother nature.

Netherlands World Press Photo Contest


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