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The websites listed below have been selected on the basis of their thematology and relevance to Little-Translation-Blog. I strongly and with no reservations suggest that you visit them all, whether you are looking simply for fun and entertainment, or for help and advice regarding a language-related issue, whether you are a translator or someone who loves to think and use his brain 🙂

– No Peanuts! for Translators

No Peanuts! provides support and resources to professional translators and interpreters in demanding and receiving a fair and honest living from their work. This is truly a website worth visiting, supporting and promoting by all means, given that its purpose is to secure the sustainability of our profession…

– Brave New Words

A blog about translation, language, literature, and other related topics. Updated approximately every five days.

– Turner Ink

“Looking for Expert Copywriting Services in London?
Turner Ink is Sarah Turner. That’s me. A freelance copywriter, who offers a range of expert copywriting services in London. In fact, throughout the world. Although the meetings are harder to get to…”

– Translatum

Probably the most acclaimed Greek translation-related portal, and surely the first of its kind, Translatum is a really useful platform for Greek (mainly) translators, as it offers many links, tools and applications, dictionaries and so on. In addition, Translatum is dedicated to promoting the work of Greek writers and poets, by publicizing their electronic texts.


Ανεξάρτητο περιοδικό εναλλακτικής πληροφόρησης, δημιουργικής αντίστασης, ασυμβίβαστης δημοσιογραφίας και προωθημένης σκέψης.
Ένα πολύχρωμο «αντίδοτο στη μιζέρια της ασπρόμαυρης Ελλάδας»!

– ΠΑΡΑΤΗΡΗΤΗΡΙΟ για την ΚΡΙΣΗ – Ελληνικό Ίδρυμα Ευρωπαϊκής και Εξωτερικής Πολιτικής (ΕΛΙΑΜΕΠ)

CRISIS OBSERVATORY – Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP)

Crisis Observatory: Building Knowledge for Policy
“Building Knowledge for Policy”, is the motto that appears on the main website of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP). The Crisis Observatory ELIAMEP’s latest initiative, with the support of the “Stavros Niarchos” Foundation, aims to contribute to this objective during a very difficult period, when the need for positive action through policy is imperative but when unfortunately, knowledge is often lacking.
Since February 2013, i.e. when the Observatory was created, I have been holding the position of External Partner Translator. I am responsible for the bilingual operation of the website; thus, I translate all opinion articles, interviews, CVs and in general everything that needs to be translated, most often according to stringent deadlines and highest quality standards.

– The Greek Crisis

This blog is dedicated to the understanding of the current Greek (but also European) economic, political and institutional crisis. It was created by Prof. Aristides Hatzis of the University of Athens, after many requests by his students who seek a source of reliable analysis on the Greek current affairs. Its aim is to post commentary and reports published mainly in the major U.S., European and Greek media and to encourage a rigorous discussion.


Περιοδικό Πολιτικής Και Πολιτισμικής Παρέμβασης
Σε εποχές που βασιλεύει το ψέμα, η διάδοση της αλήθειας είναι πράξη επαναστατική


Association of Translators-Editors-Proofreaders (Greece) – Behind the lines of books and websites, of articles in newspapers and magazines, operation manuals, leaflets, and film subtitles, there are professionals who remain invisible to most people. We, the employees and freelancers in the field of translation, editing, proofreading, and subtitling in Greece, are facing common problems that are becoming more and more acute…


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