This is a brief version of my ride on the train of life, a joyful ride admittedly.
Kudos to Bill Hicks, the most recent descendant of Jesus himself!
Aggelos Zikos is my name, or Angelo or Angel, it’s all the same thing, and born in Ioannina was I.
Otherwise -and more informally- Giannena, probably one the most beautiful cities in Greece.
They have always called me a sectionalist, in the sense that everything that had to do with Giannena seemed ideal to me.
If only you take a look at some pictures, you will understand my obsession (?).
And be sure to read the history of the city, full of intrigue, literacy and war – as almost evevrywhere in the world.
Thursday the third of December, 1987, was the date when my mother and I decided that it was time for me to come out and play.
Ever since, we have been close friends and bit of a manager of each other.
Because everyone needs his/her own manager, like my father always told me.
He also happens to be a good friend of mine, if not the best, with my sister completing the narrow circle of my family.
My company in the ride, who push and pull me in case of intense acclivity and help me in so many other ways; to them I am the most grateful.


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