Welcome to Little-Translation-Blog (LTB), a small personal attempt to bring together the author’s experience in translation and his personal interests and undertakings. Hopefully, what comes out is a useful and broad reaching manual on language and translation, for all colleagues and non-, for everyone interested in the art of translation -because, yes, among other things, translation is an art; the art of handling the words in a way that communicates the original meaning of a text so as to be comprehended by a new target audience, whose mechanisms of comprehension the translator has to tame and master and know how to manipulate.

After all, this short passage will function as declaratory of the blog’s purpose of existence and goals to be achieved. Namely, firstly to allow the reader to delve into particular language issues more thoroughly; and, secondarily, to make visitors interested in the author’s work, to persuade them to engage in a fruitful dialogue with regard to issues that will progressively come up and, why not, to promote the building of an extensive network of collaborations and partnerships.

Finally, as time goes by, an archive of the most interesting and thought-provoking articles on translation will be built, with a compilation of articles, opinions and writers from all over the web and the world.

With these goals and hopes in mind, then, LTB invites you to help with its building and to contribute with your own ideas, recommendations and comments, opinions and objections…



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