Zikos Aggelos: Party Euroscepticism in Greece during the Financial Crisis: the Cases of SYRIZA and Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn)

Zikos, A. (2013) “Party Euroscepticism in Greece during the Financial Crisis, the Cases of SYRIZA and Chrysi Avgi”, National and Kapodestrian University of Athens, June.


The study at hand deals with the issue of Greek parties’ Euroscepticism during the period of the financial crisis. Through the case studies of SYRIZA and Chrysi-Avgi, i.e. two parties with diametrically different positions with regard to the integration of Europe and not only, the study focuses on questions concerning the nature of the Eurosceptic positions of the two parties. In the first part, the theoretical background of the study is explored and defined: what does Euroscepticism mean and what does it translate into; How is it defined in the existing literature? Then, our working hypotheses are set out: does the position of a political party influence its perception of the E.U.? How is this influence expressed in terms of political rhetoric? Are older member-states more prone to reject European integration? Is there a difference between the Eurosceptic attitudes of left and right parties? In the second part, the case studies are discussed, through the presentation of a brief profile of the two parties. Subsequently, the positions of the two parties are outlined, according to the official statements and other official documents and declarations, alongside a timeline of the most significant events of the crisis, both at the E.U. and domestic level.


For the full study, click here.


Golden Dawn Euroscepticism[Picture found on TVXS; English translation: “This means that we now are Eurosc… Eurosceptics?“]


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